USA Cross-Border Surrogacy

A surrogacy arrangement for couples seeking a US programme – at half the price

ilaya have partnered up with a leading clinic to provide a service offering gestational surrogacy in the USA, for intending parents that may not be able to use our Ukraine service due to legislation.

Californian law allows for commercial surrogacy, and California is considered a surrogacy-friendly state. The child’s legal parents are determined by a court order prior to the birth, and the names of both parents will appear on the birth certificate. As we don’t take any biological material from the chosen surrogate, she will have no parental rights over the child after birth.

In addition, California law doesn’t restrict anyone from entering a surrogacy agreement based on their marital status or sexual orientation.

As this is a partnership between two clinics, we are able to offer a surrogacy programme that is half the cost of a traditional arrangement in the USA. Whilst carried out on a cross-border basis, we are still able to ensure the quality and care that we provide with our surrogacy programmes in Ukraine.

ilaya take full responsibility for our surrogate mothers throughout the pregnancy. All medical care, including full prenatal and postnatal care, is provided. Accommodation and living expenses are covered during the pregnancy.

We offer surrogacy programmes based on modern, innovative ideas led by experienced specialists in reproduction. Personalised care is given to both the intended parents and the chosen surrogate.

ilaya’s staff has dedicated itself to the advancement of medical science to treat people using innovative methods.

It is for this reason we have partnered up with clinics in the USA to provide our services to a wider range of patients.

Our services include:

  • A Personal Manager assigned to each couple.
  • Preliminary consultancy to ascertain individual needs.
  • Multilingual staff.
  • Travel and accommodation arranged.
  • All necessary medical tests carried by our own highly qualified staff.
  • Excellent facilities to ensure the well-being of our surrogate mothers.
  • Personal payment plans and any potential extra costs discussed in full. Insurance options available for all potential extra costs.

  • Known as a surrogacy-friendly state, California has been home to many successful surrogacy programmes over the years.
  • Available for single and gay parents
  • PGD is recognised and legal in the California. PGD, or Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis, is the process of removing a cell prior to implantation, to test for genetic diseases and abnormalities. It can also be used to determine the sex of the baby.
  • New-born has American passport
  • Parental rights are awarded via court decision, recognised by many countries around the world.
  • Wider variety of donor types (e.g. hair, race, height etc.)
  • Easier registration for the new-born due to having American nationality.

  • ilaya was founded in Kiev, Ukraine in 2011.
  • Surrogacy in Ukraine is legal.
  • Legal procedure for surrogacy in the Ukraine is clearly set out.
  • The legal parents of a child born in the country are determined by DNA only. Therefore, the surrogate mother has no legal rights to the child.
  • The parents of a child born through surrogacy in Ukraine must be legally married. No court procedures regarding parental rights are carried out.
  • Although not in the EU, Ukraine is geographically within the European region and no visas to enter the country are required.
  • The same ethnic group and religions are observed.
  • PGD is recognised and legal in the Ukraine. PGD or Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis is the process of removing a cell prior to implantation, for the testing of genetic diseases and abnormalities. It can also be used to determine the sex of a baby.
  • No age restriction for the legal parents exist. Unlimited attempts at IVF permitted.

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How it works:

1) Surrogates are carefully chosen based on strict medical and psychological tests.

2) Depending on whether the intended parents wish to have a biological connection with the child, it may not necessary to travel to Mexico. However, if using your own bio-material, a trip to Mexico would be required.

3) Transfer of embryos into the uterus of the surrogate mother.

4) Surrogate spends the next six months of pregnancy in Mexico.

5) At the 24-week mark the surrogate then travels to California, where she will give birth to the baby.

6) Child is born in an American hospital and can expect to receive their papers within a couple of days.

7) Upon clearance from the child’s doctor, the parents will be able to travel back home with the baby and complete the parental and citizenship paperwork in their own country.

Your personal manager at ilaya will explain all the options available to you and answer any questions you may have regarding our surrogacy program.

USA cross border Surrogacy programme Frequently Asked Questions

You will find below a selection of questions that we are often asked by our intended parents.
However, please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

The initial consultation doesn’t require a visit to the clinic, and we have found that our clients appreciate the convenience and comfort of travelling to our EU facility in Valencia, with easy, inexpensive connections to most airports in Europe and passport-free travel for EU citizens (a passport will be required for travel to the USA). Furthermore, Valencia’s year-round blue skies and well-developed tourist infrastructure make it an ideal place for a short, relaxing break.
Yes. Payment is normally made in 5 instalments in Euros.
Of course. We actively encourage the parents to meet the surrogate mother. However, if you would prefer not to, that is perfectly acceptable.
No. Californian law states that the parentage of a child is determined by court order only.
You are more than welcome to visit us as many times as you wish in our offices in sunny Valencia, Spain, however this is not compulsory.
Depending on your needs you may never have to go to Mexico but rather to California directly at the birth of your child.
The health and well being of our surrogate mothers is of paramount importance to us. We carry out comprehensive health checks prior to implantation and during the pregnancy, and provide full post-natal care.
Yes. All efforts will be made to ensure you will be in California when the surrogate goes into labour.
You will receive custody of your baby after  the birth certificate has been issued. This usually happens the day after the birth. The American legal documents often take as little as five days to complete, but the embassy of the country you intend to take the child back to can take up to five weeks to process the paperwork. We will ensure that you and your new family are well cared for while you wait.
No you do not, our cross border surrogacy programme is open to everyone regardless of marital status or sexual orientation
Yes. We run our own high-tech laboratories and clinical facilities, including our own Cryobank. The entire process, from diagnosis to treatment, is carried out in a single facility by our experienced medical professionals.
As ilaya has its own Cryobank facilities, we will store your bio-material for up to one year free of charge. If you wish to use the facilities for a longer period of time, a small annual charge will be made.
ilaya assist you with all the legal documentation you need to ensure a smooth return to your home country.
We place great importance on ensuring that we choose the most suitable surrogate mother for you. Many criteria have to be met, and strict testing is carried out before a match is made.
Three suitable surrogate mothers will be carefully selected by ilaya. You will make the final choice.
Thorough, comprehensive medical and legal checks are carried out on all our surrogate mothers.
Currently there is no age limit. Suitability is determined by medical and legal circumstances only.

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