Choosing a Ukrainian surrogacy provider

International surrogacy has grown rapidly in Ukraine in recent years, driven by the availability of high-quality programmes and clear laws, in close proximity to Western Europe, and accelerated by the closure of several popular destinations for intended parents. (more…)

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Ukraine poised for growth in international surrogacy in 2017

Ukrainian surrogacy clinics may see a boom in international arrangements next year, as the closure of other countries in 2016 draws attention to Ukraine’s advantages, such as a clear legal system and geographical proximity to Europe.


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Where can I find a surrogate mother?

The landscape of international commercial surrogacy has shifted dramatically in recent years. The process is costly and can be stressful even in the best of circumstances; for many couples, it became even more so as countries around the globe changed their policies, seeking to crack down on fraudulent agents and abuse of surrogates.

That left many couples uncertain about the status of their children, and looking for new options in countries with stable legal environments surrounding surrogacy.

The trend seems to have reached a peak in 2015, as several popular surrogacy destinations closed the gates for new surrogacy arrangements, drastically narrowing the options for potential parents.


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In-vitro Fertilisation, advantages & disadvantages

IVF advantages and disadvantages “In vitro” is the Latin term for “in glass”: In vitro fertilisation, or IVF, is the process of an egg being fertilised by sperm outside the woman’s body, in a laboratory. Since the first successful birth from IVF took place in 1978, the procedure has offered hope to couples around the world who have found themselves facing infertility. (more…)

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