Our Success Stories

Over the past few years we have treated hundreds of people that have suffered various injuries and traumas. Using our cutting-edge tissue regeneration treatments, we have been able to see some drastic changes in these individuals.

Our success stories are many in number and are increasing daily.

Below are some accounts of patients that have had injuries thanks to our stem cell treatments have made full recoveries.


Patient A

Amputee candidate

After receiving a high velocity impact to his arm the following patient suffered from a severe fracture which would normally would have required amputation. Thanks to our revolutionary stem cell treatment the patient was able to recover function of his arm and avoid amputation.

Patient B

Loss of cartilage

As shown the in the image, patient B had a substantial loss of cartilage in the left arm. The doctors had proposed that it would need to be amputated as there wasn’t much that could be done. However, our clinic he was able to help him by using the patient’s own stem cells to cure the arm. This unique case not only helped to restore his arm but also recover the majority of function too.

Patient C

Treatment for Spinal hernia

Here we have images of a patient who had herniated discs L4 & L5. After living with this pain for years and not having much relief with conventional methods the patient came to our clinic for help. A few months after their first injection the patient noticed a difference in their condition. Then one year after receiving their first injection the patient made a full recovery.

Patient D

Injury to heel

Before treatment

Due to a military injury, this patient had lost the use of his foot and was a candidate for amputation. However, after coming to our clinic and receiving stem cell treatment his foot began to heal just after two months.

After treatment

Following his treatment, the patient went on to have a full recovery from his injury.

Patient E

Damaged metatarsal

Before treatment

The following patient also received an injury to his foot whilst serving in the military which resulted in his three toes had being fractured from his foot. Just a few months after receiving his first injection the patient noticed improvements to his injury.

After treatment

As illustrated in the images below the patient made a full recovery of his foot, even being able to put a lot of pressure on it by squatting.

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