What is Stem Cells Bio-Insurance?

Stem Cells

Bio-Insurance gives you the opportunity to help slow down the ageing process by storing your own stem cell material. The older you are, the fewer cells you have. Part of the ageing process begins when the quantity and quality of stem cells in your body start to diminish. From the very moment you are born, stem cell concentration and tissues’ ability to regenerate after injury and disease begins to decrease dramatically.
Bio-Insurance allows you to create a reserve of your young stem cells, which can be used throughout your lifetime.

It is becoming more common for parents to choose to collect blood from the umbilical cord when a baby is born. Until very recently, this was the only opportunity to collect and store bio-material without a surgical procedure. By collecting umbilical cord blood, you can help secure a healthier future for your child. Now you have the opportunity to do the same for yourself.
Extraction of stem cells is a simple, non-surgical procedure carried out at ilaya’s state-of-the-art clinic, where the cells are then cultivated and stored in ilaya’s own Cryobank facilities.

Stem cells can be collected at any age, and used to benefit your health. The earlier you store your cells, the better, as cells stored at a younger age possess the regenerative potential of a young organism.

The types of Cells that can be cultivated

There are three main types of cells that can be extracted and cultivated from a healthy adult by ilaya:

Dermal Skin Fibroblasts – These cells are responsible for the appearance of the skin. They help to fight the skin’s ageing process by reducing blemishes and improving elasticity. Fibroblast cells are also an effective treatment for scarring and unhealed wounds.

Adipose-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells – These cells restore the structure of bones, cartilage, ligaments and tendons, and are able to form new capillaries and renew much of the body’s tissue. They have also been proven to stimulate the body’s immune system.

Crest-Derived Neural System Stem Cells – These cells work to restore the body’s neural system, and aid the improvement of fine and gross motor skills.

ilaya lets you decide what type of cells to store. We cultivate and store 100 million cells at a time – either all of one type, or in any combination you choose.

What these Cells are used for

The bio-material that has been extracted, cultivated and stored is used by scientists to help the patient’s body repair itself. A patient’s stem cells have the ability to repair, restore and regenerate areas throughout the body.

Your stem cells are capable of:

  • Optimising your immune system and accelerating the healing process.
  • Stimulating the formation of new capillaries and enhancing blood circulation.
  • Preventing nerve damage.
  • Reducing scar tissue.

Bio-Insurance will allow us to treat common problems such as burns, fractures, injuries of the cartilage and connective tissues, damage to blood vessels and nerve endings, reproductive and gynaecological lesions, and the harmful effects of certain autoimmune diseases.

Using stem cells, we can neutralise the signs of ageing, the effects of skin injuries or diseases, and hair loss.

bio-futureThe future of  Human Stem Cells Bio-Insurance.

Scientists at ilaya continue to carry out extensive research into the possibilities of stem cell treatments. It is thought that in the very near future many debilitating diseases, including multiple sclerosis, diabetes, Parkinson’s, optical degeneration and Alzheimer’s, will be successfully treated using a patient’s bio-material, significantly improving the quality of life for many.

Licensed operator of a bank for umbilical cord blood and other tissues and cell series, No. AE 186342, dated 7th November 2013. Issued by the Ukrainian Ministry of Health.

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